Thursday, May 2, 2013

Learning together

Although our school has been 1:1 for several years, this is our first year with iPads, which the freshmen only have been toting around and using in classes.

The iPad, and anything Apple for that matter, were brand new to me as of one year ago. I still have much to learn. I had an idea about having groups of freshmen each create one slide of a Google Presentation. I had it all set up, ready to go when I discovered that the iPad (as far as I can figure out) allows for viewing of the presentations, but not creation.

A colleague suggested Keynote, so that's what we did; students emailed me their slides. Next came the decision about the easiest way to put those slides together. I loved that students had lots of suggestions about the best way to do this, making use of and wanting to share knowledge of workflow methods that they have gained throughout the year.

I hope tomorrow to have a great little presentation on the Ten Commandments to share with the whole class.

Do you have a suggestion for the best way for a class to collaborate on a presentation with iPads? Is there an app for that?

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