Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Board work

Sometimes I still like to have students write on the board. It's low tech, but it gets students out of their seats and it's a change of pace from always having eyes on a screen while working. The change now is that I don't have to worry about accomplishing everything within one class period.

Students today worked together in groups putting on chalkboards everything they could think of that they know so far about the persons of the Trinity. This happened toward the end of the period, and of course by the time I see these students again the boards will be erased. I took pictures with the iPad and uploaded the photos to our class website. (I used PicMonkey to reduce the size of the photos to something easier to see on the website page.)

Now the boardwork that would have been a fleeting thing in the past is available to us in future classes for further comment, and available as well to students outside of the classroom.

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