Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sometimes I'm dense

I've been scanning things on our big workroom copier for a year or two. But what I learned from the first demonstration did not stick, so it's been trial and error. How to get it to actually send to my email. Remembering to change to PDF, which seems to work better than TIFF -- that's all a mystery to me, but in the midst of a hectic day, I don't care. I just want it to work.

Yesterday, a breakthrough. I actually read the sentence that is always on the screen that tells me what to do when I have more than one page. I can now do a multi-page document! Duh.

Still can't figure out how to get my PDF's on my Ning. Tried on "Notes." Tried adding an "image." That's what it is, right? Didn't work. It was one of those broken icons. I'll have to get back to that later.

More frustration: I tested a PDF to see if there is a way to write on it with the tablet stylus. Yes! Then I put a it on Moodle, opened it, and I see a different, scaled down toolbar. No sign of the "review and comment" that I had just experimented with. No way to write on the document.

I have some research to do.

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