Saturday, May 7, 2011

Google Documents

First of all, here we are getting close to the end of the year and I asked my two frosh classes how many had experience with Google Docs, and probably one third to one half raised hands, which I think says something about what is going on in our school. Each of the seven groups ended up with at least one person who knew what to do. I think I had to help exactly one person get signed on to her group's document, because she was logged onto a Google account with a different e-mail address.

Secondly, even when I am not doing an official "CBL" I find myself thinking in that direction, and so I had my students who are exploring sacraments asking questions first and also documenting their thinking and research on a doc so that I can see the work in progress and get a glimpse into their collaboration.

Lastly: I love Docs. I can't be with every group all the time. In class I floated from group to group. But this morning I took a look at the documents and got a very good idea of what they've done and in what directions they are thinking.

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