Thursday, June 16, 2011

School's out

Actually, we've been "out" for over almost two weeks, our earliest ending time in all the years I've taught at this school. But there's no being "done" for months anymore. On my list of things to do this summer: Re-do a course to incorporate material to relate to the CBL we will be doing. Work out some of the details of the project itself. Start to prep the course I will teach that will utilize a new textbook following the Bishops' curricular framework. See if there is a book to replace the text that I just found out will be discontinued for a third course I teach. And, whether the answer is yes or no to that, find more online resources for the course.

As well: read some blogs, and keep up with discussions on our staff wiki about refreshing the look of the building.

A teacher's work is never done!

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