Saturday, October 17, 2009


Collaboration is one of my mantras this year. I'm retooling a couple of assignments to include that.

Next up is a frosh project that replaces a test. They write a sort of magazine article about Jesus, with specific topics included -- kind of like a take home essay test, although I don't call it that. It's just a fun assignment, right?

I have briefly mentioned it as an upcoming thing, and a student asked if they could work with others on it. A legitimate question, but my first thought was "of course not," because I have thought of this as a kind of "test," and for me tests are pretty much individual affairs. But now with my new mode of thinking, well, why not?

I am redesigning this project anyway. They will have a choice about how to present the information. I think I will have them work in at least pairs. I cannot take time to learn or teach all of the options available, so they will have to pick something they are comfortable with or want to explore, even if it turns out to be the usual Word document. But I think they will appreciate having a choice. I am hoping some of them will surprise me.

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